Dr. psych. Inês Vasconcelos Horta
Developmental Psychologist for Children, Teens and Adults; Assessments; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Coaching
Délai d'attente
2-4 semaines
Couvert en partie par l'assurance complémentaire
Non pris en charge par les caisses-maladie
A propos de moi
I am a Developmental Psychologist, with two decades of therapeutic and educational experience. I support children, teenagers and adults in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
I offer individual psychological support in situations such as depressed mood, anxiety, resilience skills, relationship issues, and improvement of interpersonal skills, with a focus on cognitive behavioral therapy.
I also offer educational support – assessments and intervention – in situations such as learning disabilities, developmental issues, parenting, motivation and self-esteem.

I have a Doctor degree in Developmental Psychology, a Masters degree in Educational Psychology and graduated in Applied Psychology, specialized in Educational Psychology.
I am also specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy.
Ces patients / clients sont les bienvenus
Cadres dirigeants
Jeunes adultes
J'utilise les méthodes suivantes
Orientation professionnelle
Conseil en éducation
Coaching de conduite
Psychologie de l’enfance et de l’adolescence
Orientation de carrière
Conseil de vie
Consultation en ligne
Développement organisationnel
Sélection du personnel/évaluation
Psychologie scolaire
Je peux apporter de l'aide pour les symptômes suivants
Troubles causés par les angoisses
Troubles du développement
Enfant surdoué
Troubles du langage
Je peux apporter de l'aide dans les situations suivantes
Problèmes relationnels
Problèmes éducatifs
Difficultés familiales
Crise existentielle
Difficultés scolaires
Impasse professionnelle

Doctor of Psychology, ISPA - Instituto Universitario, 2011(FCT Grant)

Masters in Educational Psychology, ISPA, 2001 (Merit Grant)

Degree in applied Psychology, specialization in Educational Psychology, ISPA, 1999

Specialization in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Beck Institute

Expérience professionnelle
  • Since 2018: Developmental Psychologist in private practice in Zürich and Baar:

Cognitive therapy/emotional support to children, adolescents and families:

Design and implementation of short-term intervention, goal oriented programs that help the clients develop coping skills and find lifelong tools, thus promoting personal development and positive growth. Themes: Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, Procrastination, Resilience skills, Self-esteem, Stress management

Educational support, consultancy to teachers and developmental assessments

Coaching. Themes: Communication & Interpersonal skills, Leadership, Relationship issues, Work-life balance


  • 1999-2012: Developmental psychologist in private practice (Lisbon, Portugal)

Assessments, emotional support and intervention to children, adolescents, and parents

School and career counselling (ages 14 to 24)

Coaching (for adults): Personal development and Career management

Design, implementation and assessment (for companies) of Learning & Development programs, Leadership development initiatives, Change Management initiatives and Career / Executive development programs

Design, implementation and assessment of professional and interpersonal skills development programs

  • 2004-2012: School psychologist at Colégio Alfa-Beta in Lisbon

Assessment and intervention - direct work with children and teachers

Classroom support

Emotional support to students and parents

Implementation of and mediation in development measures

Design and implementation of preventive projects

Leading parents and teachers meetings

Design, implementation and assessment of professional and interpersonal skills development programs

  • 2001-2013: Professor at the Higher Institute of Education and Sciences in Lisbon

Teaching on Masters, teachers teaching training and further education courses (Developmental Psychology; Educational Psychology; Acquisition of Oral and Written Languages; Special Education Needs)

Research, Supervision and Coaching

Fédération Suisse des Psychologues
Association Suisse de Psychologie de l'enfance et de l'adolescence
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