Martyna Syguda

Martyna Syguda
Weggisgasse 31, 6004 Luzern, Schweiz
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Martyna Syguda


I'm a polish psychologist and yoga teacher who fell in love with Switzerland and now offers support to other expats in the Lucerne area.

Über mich

Originally from Poland, where I acquired a Master's degree in psychology, since 2015 I'm based Lucerne, where I run a private counselling practice and a yoga studio. Over the years I kept deepening my knowledge in a number of courses, learning about Dance Movement Therapy, Positive Neuroplasticity, Solution-Focused Therapy and balancing the nervous system through mindfulness and yoga. My interest in the mind-body connection led me to the topic of trauma and its effects on the nervous system, resulting in completing an extensive course on Psychotraumatology.

Living abroad and working with expats opened my eyes to challenges people encounter while integrating into a new culture. Although I speak German by now, I work mostly in English and Polish, helping expats navigate their life in Switzerland.

I believe my background in both academic psychology as well as body-based and mindfulness practices gives me a possibility to see different aspects of mental health and to work with people in a holistic way.


Arbeitslosigkeit Berufsunzufriedenheit Mobbing Paarprobleme Familiäre Schwierigkeiten Einsamkeit Verhaltensprobleme Lern- und Prüfungsstress Belästigung Trauer Stress Existenzielle Krise Burnout Selbstwertgefühl und Selbstvertrauen
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Martyna Syguda
Weggisgasse 31
6004 Luzern