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Milena Sotirova-Kohli

Praxis Dr.phil. Milena Sotirova-Kohli GmbH, Praxis für Psychotherapie udn Psychoanalyse nach C.G. Jung
Ahornweg 45, 3095 Spiegel b. Bern, Switzerland
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At least four weeks
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FSP titles

Fachpsychologin für Psychotherapie FSP
Eidgenössisch anerkannte Psychotherapeutin
Milena Sotirova-Kohli


Empathy and trust are the major vehicles of change in psychotherapy for me.

About me


I was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

I live since 1999 in Bern, Switzerland. 


  •  Diploma in Analytical Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis according C. G. Jung, 2018,  C. G. Jung Institute, Zürich, Switzerland. 
  •  Licensed Psychotherapist in Switzerland, 2018 
  • Permission for Private Practice as a Psychotherapist in the Kanton of Bern, Switzerland, since 2019 
  •  Ph.D. in Psychology, 2014, University of Basel, Switzerland 
  • Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, 2009, Texas A&M University, USA 
  • Master of Arts in Japanese Studies, 1995, Sofia University, Bulgaria. 

Further education in: 

  • integrative psychotherapie 
  • narrative psychotherapy 
  • ego-states – group therapy  
  • resource states therapy 
  • Sociodrama 
  • Mythodrama 
  • Logotherapy as developed by Viktor Frankl 
  • Online Group Therapy 
  • Attachment Disorders 

Working experience as a therapist: 

  • Delegated Psychotherapy, Praxis Dr. med. Norbert Schütz, 2014 -2022 
  • Group Psychotherapy, Group Therapist for Children and Adolescents, Department of Educational Counseling Kanton Bern, Bern, 2013 - 2023. 
  • Introducing psychology students into group therapy and their supervision, 2013 – 2023. 
  • Student therapist at the Texas A & M University Psychology Clinic, 2008-2009. 


Unemployment Dissatisfaction with job Bullying Relationship problems Divorce/separation Family problems Retirement Loneliness Food-related problems Behavioural problems Stress related to learning and exams Bereavement Stress Existential crisis Sleep-related problems Depression Panic attacks and anxiety Burnout Self-esteem and self-confidence
Target groups
German Bulgarian English
Covered by basic insurance To be paid by yourself


Praxis Dr.phil. Milena Sotirova-Kohli GmbH, Praxis für Psychotherapie udn Psychoanalyse nach C.G. Jung
Ahornweg 45
3095 Spiegel b. Bern