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Katerina Laxdal

Systemische Therapie & Beratung in der Praxisgemeinschaft am Hegibach
Hegibachstrasse 34, 8032 Zürich, Switzerland
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Fachpsychologin für Psychotherapie FSP
Fachpsychologin für Neuropsychologie FSP
Eidgenössisch anerkannte Psychotherapeutin
Katerina Laxdal


As a systemic psychotherapist, I am happy to support you with your concerns in my own practice.

About me
In line with my systemic approach, I treat my clients with respect, empathy and as equals. My primary tool is the creation of a trusting and authentic therapeutic relationship that invites systemic thinking and action: looking differently, thinking outside the box, perceiving differences, bringing diversity and humor into play, making steps towards change recognizable and tangible...

Among other things, systemic work focuses on your own resources and strengths and sees clients as experts in their own lives. With the help of therapeutic cooperation, the client's own inner strengths are therefore activated and, at best utilized to find solutions (true to the motto "help for self-help"). I am happy to challenge you to your personal growth process.

"The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time" T.S. Eliot

Due to my additional qualification as a neuropsychologist, I can also provide you or your relatives with advice on dealing with neuropsychological dysfunctions (such as AD(H)D, after brain injury or a neurodegenerative disease). 

I look forward to hearing from you and am of course also available for non-binding inquiries (contact by e-mail preferred or leave a message on my voicemail and I will call you back).


Dissatisfaction with job Psychosocial risks at the workplace Loneliness Bereavement Suicidal thoughts Stress Existential crisis Sleep-related problems Depression Panic attacks and anxiety Burnout Self-esteem and self-confidence Stress related to learning and exams
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German Swiss German English
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Systemische Therapie & Beratung in der Praxisgemeinschaft am Hegibach
Hegibachstrasse 34
8032 Zürich



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