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Formapsy - Your further training platform

Psychologists who are members of the FSP are required to complete further training. Formapsy collates suitable training courses - for not-members too.
Femme qui lance son diplôme
Formapsy is a calendar of available training. Formapsy collates suitable training courses. The calendar is free to access for everyone.

Formapsy: a logbook for your training

You can document the training you have completed in your personal dossier. The logbook allows you to view at a glance the status of all training units completed in the past three years.

Formapsy: a certification tool

You can also request a personal further training certificate to confirm to your clients, patients, employer, prospective employers or the canton (if you work in psychotherapy) that you have met the requirement for further training.

Formapsy access costs
The platform is free to use for FSP members. Non-members must pay an annual fee of CHF 240.

Costs of applying for a certificate
An application for a certificate comprising only further training offers that are listed by the FSP costs CHF 80 for FSP members. An application for a certificate including further training offers not listed in the online calendar costs CHF 200. Non-members pay a fee per application of CHF 500 for the former and CHF 620 for the latter.

What does further training involve?

It consists of 120 hours of training for psychologists and 240 hours for psychologists with an FSP specialist qualification, federal qualification or additional qualification. The training can be spread over three years. At least two types of training must be pursued to a similar extent.

A range of further training types are permitted, for example:

  • Courses, seminars, workshops
  • Congresses, symposia, information days
  • Intervision
  • Teaching assignments
  • Publications
  • Studies of specialist literature
  • Supervision
  • Personal therapy experience
  • Working with a professional association

Of the training hours to be completed over three years, at least two thirds must be backed up by supporting documents. The remaining hours of training must also be outlined in detail.

Request for release/reduction

Depending on certain criteria, it may be possible to be fully or partially exempted from the continuing education obligation. You will find information on this subject below:

Form: request for exemption/reduction of the continuing education obligation

If you have any questions about Formapsy, you can find the contact details on this page.