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Online-Masterclass "Deepening experiential presence through Inner Relationship Focusing"


Focusing is not only a specific task within EFT, but also “the experiential foundation of EFT” (Lakioti, 2022), a process that can help both therapists and clients cultivate their presence and deepen their experience. It is a skill that can be taught to clients and help them profit from other interventions (Gendlin, 1996). Specifically, it can help clients access and deepen their experience and facilitate other EFT tasks such as chair work. But for therapists to be able to teach and use that process with their clients, it is important to first learn and experience it by themselves. That way they can develop the necessary trust in their clients’ experiencing process.
Inner Relationship Focusing is a method that helps people engage in a compassionate and accepting relationship with their experience, without being identified with specific aspects of their experience (parts), becoming overwhelmed with certain experiences or cut off from others.
Inner Relationship Focusing is a great way for therapists to cultivate their own presence both as a means of self-care and as a means of improving their capacity to be present and empathic with their clients – this being, from a humanistic standpoint, the key to successful therapy.

Participants will learn the basic stages of Inner Relationship Focusing, how to apply these to their own experience whilst being accompanied by a companion, and also how to accompany another person’s focusing process.

This content will be taught by a mixture of theoretical inputs (with reference to the application of the IRF skills in EFT practice), demonstrations and practice in dyads.


Ph. D. Lakioti Agathi
Dr. phil. Schmied-Smith Emma

28.06.2024 - 29.06.2024

9:15am - 5:00pm CET


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